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Who Am I?

Good question! I ask myself that all the time actually, haha...

One thing I do know - I love taking photos!

I've been a professional photographer since 2008, photographing over 90 weddings and hundreds of portrait sessions including engagements, proposals, families, headshots, and more. I've also worked in other types of photography - interiors, architecture, business marketing, you name it. In my early career I even photographed some very awkward things that make some great stories... (you can ask me about that later). However, despite only starting my professional photography career in 2008, even in my younger years I had always considered myself a photographer. Growing up I obsessively took photos everywhere I went and of everyone I loved. I couldn't help it, it's just who I was... It also annoyed the crap out of my friends, but they appreciate it now... I think.

It's hard for me to say what I love most about photography, because there's a lot of things I love about it. Being able to freeze time and save some of the most amazing and monumental moments in your life - that's a pretty awesome feeling. To me though, photography is more than just "freezing" what you see with your eyes. It's creating a visual emotion, so that when you look back at that photo, you feel something. You recall how you felt in that moment, or you are moved to feel something despite not being at that exact place in time when the photo was taken. A good photo tells a story, it captivates your eyes for more than just a second or two, and it's something you really want to look at and admire. To me, that's a real photograph.

I'm truly a visual person. I love things that are beautiful and I could stare at them and observe them for hours... Okay maybe not hours, but if I *wanted* to stare at something for hours - photography allows me to do it without being a total creeper (lol!) Also I really do have a passion for stimulating my imagination behind the camera for everything I photograph, creating these captures of emotion and sense of place. It even continues behind my computer screen where I strive to make every image come to life in a vivid, unique, and beautiful way... My aim is to capture people and places as they are. Not just their appearance - but their personality, their essence, and their timeless impact on the world around them. Everything that makes them who and what they are in the most beautiful form.

Send me an email through my contact page! Let's talk about your photo session :)


XOXO, Jaclyn.


P.S. — I like other things too haha. Netflix is a real addiction (Give me some Sherlock, How I Met Your Mother, Doctor Who, Naruto, or the Big Bang Theory and I'm set for hours...maybe days). I love hiking and exploring new places, and I'm a decently seasoned traveler, having been to to 17 states, 7 countries, and counting! Many of the states I visited were on a cross-country road trip I took in 2016 when I moved here to New York, you can read about that in my blog. I love eating all kinds of food, so if you have any great hole-in-the-wall recommendations, please let a girl know!!