A Big City Engagement - Brooklyn, NYC
Friday, April 14, 2017
By Jaclyn Lanae Photography

If How I Met Your Mother has taught me anything, it's that New York and New Jersey are absolutely not "practically the same place". And as Ted from HIMYM cleverly points out, Sinatra's famous song isn't "Secaucus, Secaucus." Clearly there's a bit of subtle beef between the two states... However, as a New York native and New Jersey native, Aileen and James are the perfect testament that these two states can indeed be friends. (Or way more than friends in this case!) 

Photographing these two was such a blast, we ended up spending almost an entire afternoon exploring Dumbo in Brooklyn. The cobblestone roads, the brick walls, the low setting sun over the Brooklyn Bridge... all a recipe for engagement photo HEAVEN! And of course when you add the two cutest people who love ticking each other to the mix, well, you get basically perfection. The fact that thousands of other people were also out and about enjoying the one sunny day we had had in months was a little challenging, but James and Aileen embraced it in full force and felt totally themselves amidst the tourism chaos. 

I have to admit, I photographed and edited way more photos from this engagement session than I normally do. Having a fresh new backdrop to explore and photograph has inspired me beyond words. I probably would've kept photographing them if they would've let me haha.

Living in New York has been my dream for so long, and now that I'm finally here, reality has definitely brought me clarity on what life is really like here. And while it may not always be pretty, when I look at anything through my lens I always see it purely, as though it had no flaws. It's like an alternate universe where imperfections don't exist. It's why photos are so important to me... I'm sure one day I'll be able to see the same purity in the world outside my lens as I do inside. But until then, I have my photos :) 

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Jaclyn Pearson - Thank you! Yes I agree this neighborhood is gorgeous. I love photographing here.
Samantha Christensen - Really really beautiful. My old neighborhood. Such nice light and interaction with the couple.