A Swedish Elopement in NYC - Natalie & Marcus
Wednesday, June 14, 2017
By Jaclyn Lanae Photography

They say that love knows no boundaries—that the best kind of romance thrives no matter where you are. You could be living in a run down apartment with no AC on the wrong side of town, in your parents leaky basement in Nebraska, or in a van down by the river and STILL be madly in love. Why? ...No idea. Don't ask me—ask Natalie and Marcus! These two cutie pies flew all the way to New York from Sweden to say their vows, and it couldn't have been a more beautiful occasion. All they needed was each other and their sense of adventure and they were set...

I had an absolute blast running around the city with these two. We started with their ceremony bright and early at the New York City Clerk building where they registered their marriage, said their vows, and got their license, and then on to Central Park for some gorgeous mid-morning photos in the summer heat. The Mall, Bethesda Fountain, the Bow Bridge, and the Ladies Pavilion all make their appearances in this intimate wedding session.  

Now, I have no idea where these guys live, hopefully it's not in a van down by the river, but IF it was, I doubt that they would even notice! Clearly these two are a perfect match. Especially Marcus. He got a little twinkle in his eye whenever he looked at Natalie. Can you tell from the photos?? 

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