Cheveux Salon
Tuesday, November 22, 2016
By Jaclyn Lanae Photography

I was incredibly excited when the girls at Cheveux Salon asked me to photograph their adorably designed space in San Ramon. Two of the girls, Melissa and Tina, not only are friends of mine but have both exercised their talents on my hair and they really do fantastic work! I always come out of their chairs feeling like cars will move over to the side for me and people will just give me things for free because my hair just looks that good. (Do those things ever actually happen? No. But I feel like they should)

Be prepared to be pampered when you walk in. Waiting for you are drinks like coffee, tea, wine, and other cold beverages, as well as a fully stocked magazine supply to occupy your mind during those lengthy hair visits. Check out their Instagram @cheveuxsalon_ to see some of their fantastic work!   

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