Nature Meets Glam - Erin & Victor's Foresty Engagement
Monday, December 12, 2016
By Jaclyn Lanae Photography

What could possibly make a photographer happier than being able to photograph their friends? Not much honestly. So when my good friends Erin and Victor asked me to do their engagement photos I was like "uhm... YEAH!"

Erin has been my girl for a long long time. We met years ago when we were both still teenagers, but didn't end up really becoming friends until our early 20s. Since then I think it's safe to say we have seen each other at our worst moments, or at least close to it, and somehow we still love each other. We've gone on vacation, explored, laughed until we cried, talked about unspeakables, etc... I can honestly say that Erin is one of the most likeable, quick-witted, and caring people that I've ever known. I'm so happy she still wants to be my friend despite knowing me so well haha...

So when this dude Victor came along I was like"Whoooo is this guy thinking he can just snatch up Erin like this..." but as it turned out - Victor is pretty awesome too. He's a really down-to-earth, kind, and smart guy and they really do compliment each other. I mean, he holds her purse for her...and I think he likes it. Keeper status!

They met in the Chinese Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses. She was learning Chinese to help teach people the bible, and Victor had already been in the Chinese congregation for many years. After being friends for some time, Victor was ready to ask this amazing girl out. And thus began this little love story of Erin and Victor, a couple that everyone has always loved and supported. And now they're getting married! I would say that I can't believe it but...I can!

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